Cosmic Significance

by Misdirect




released 19 November 2012



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Track Name: Technicolor Strands Pt. 1
Warmth leaves him here
Unclasping his enV to bring back the time that he siphoned away when he gave up his mind for the
Convex, crystal stare
The heart thumps, they echoed, slowly, they faded
Take your decency, it's not my burden now
You and misfits kid continue burning out
I guess I'll claim my prize, she's got her elders eyes
Your blank pallet of a face, let's recall it in a dimmer light!
You weren't there most days, an empty masquerade
And who the fuck was named
Indulge yourself in my
Warmth, ignored? It's fine
But who the fuck was named

I tried to douse your cosmic rays,
It always ended the same
The night fell fast, did the magic fade?
The sunrise never came
I tried to douse your cosmic rays
In turn, I blew up the sun
Solar flares, but nobody cares
When the light in your life is gone!

I tried to douse your cosmic rays, and it always ended the same.

He wakes up, sixteen hours dead
Thoughts of previous ironies
still flicker in his head
Portrayed it to perfection
This Casablanca scene
Rewritten to accommodate
A toxic lust machine

Frantically glancing around my loft, catch sight of the clock
'sbeen two or three hours since I've been awake, I'm wasting away, I'm peddling backwards, I've made my mistakes
But never this bad!
Its never this bad. What's one to do now that all that I had is in crumbling ruins, it's blackened it's cursed one simply moves on,
to the next verse

The fabrics that litter my closet space remind me of your soul
Hand me downs, been passed around, articles full of holes
The flash of your gums gave me heart thumps
But presently gives me the goosebumps
Not the kind to send chills down a spine, but the type of protrusion from sickness of mind
Goddamn these strands are revolting, revolting against you they're splitting in two
Two becomes twenty, Luce take her already!
Whatever, it's over, my lover, the horror, so glad that it's over, just end it! Just end it! IT'S DONE.
Track Name: Technicolor Strands Pt. 2
An ending is always a new beginning, some genius said
Whether it be life or death, or casual girlfriend loss
Fuck casual. But I respect the wisdom of these words
I'd like to start my new beginning in Paris
She's got her elder's eyes, a glorious shade of passion,
Out on her docks we'll make history
Not metaphorically, I don't mean it sexually
We're really gonna be famous, you'll see

I can breathe
I can breathe easy now
Where have you been?
Where have I been these years without you?
It's not your fault
But I'm damaged goods
Can I be helped? Only time will tell, only time with you will tell...

Warmth leaves me here....


Warmth finds him here
Burying his past to ascend from the ground, now he's lifted by dove wings, his hearts in the clouds
From the gold strands, stable embrace
Our heartthumps they echo and always they'll be resonated.
( resonated)
Track Name: Cosmic Significance
Twisting,we're turning
The path led
An absolute infinite
Of time spent
Age has changed
The vibrant
Redundant redundance
Is all that's left

Making a point to
Follow cue
I changed my mind
When you were you
A ray of change
I'll rearrange
A ray of change
the source too

All I know
is what I've seen
Vagrant hearts
and misery
All I know
is what I've seen
Languid hopes
and distant dreams x2

And so my story unfolds
A tangled mass of loose ends it's getting old

I need a valid sign that
Our world will not collapse
I want reassurance that
This world does hold some purpose
I need a valid sign that
Should our dear earth collapse
This presence has a purpose
Cosmic Significance